Italy: “A European Perspective on DISASTER MANAGEMENT”, 27 February – 1 March 2001, Frascati, Italy

“A European Perspective on DISASTER MANAGEMENT”

ESA & EU Earth Observation Flood and Fire Projects & Users Meeting for CLIFF/FORMIDABLE Projects Workshop

27 February – 1 March 2001, Frascati, Italy

“A European Perspective on Disaster Management” will be held at the European Space Agency (ESA-ESRIN) in Frascati, Italy from Tuesday 27 February to Thursday 1 March 2001. Two sessions will be held.

Tuesday 27 February, at the workshop ESA & EU Earth Observation Flood and Fire Projects, workshop companies will present and discuss the results of ‘Operational or Pilot Application Projects’ run to date on Floods and Forest Fires. As a contribution, the perspective of future service development through the ESA Data User Programme (DUP) will be introduced.

Wednesday 28 February and Thursday 1 March, two projects within the IST programme of the European Commission, CLIFF (led by ESA) and FORMIDABLE (led by DATAMAT), will share their evolution under the common workshop Users Meeting for the CLIFF/FORMIDABLE Projects. Providing the frame for a direct interaction between disaster management user communities and development & service industries, this workshop aims to stimulate information exchange on standard methodologies, systems, user needs, information handling and services mainly focussed on Flood and Fire cases.



ESA has recently been tasked to develop EO application services and support the evolution of the associated market. To do this, ESA relies on two programmatic lines:

  • the Data User Programme that aims at developing, implementing and demonstratimg End User dedicated EO services,
  • the EO Market Development Program to explore business opportunities & grow the demand from potential customers (both Public and Private) for validated EO-based services.

ESA will address through the DUP in the next 3 years a specific sizeable service that aims at contribution to the management of disaster in areas such as Land slide, Land motion, Forest fire, Rapid mapping, Digital elevation model.
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CLIFF (CLuster Initiative for Flood and Fire emergencies)
CLIFF is an accompanying measure within the IST programme of the European Commission (EC), dedicated to review and analyse selected Flood and Fire projects supported by ESA and the EC. The objective of the project is to identify guidelines, recommendations and common characteristics of operational information and tools (including services and applications). These results will be discussed with an as wide as possible scope of civil protection organisations and operational disaster management authorities across Europe.
Coordinator: ESA
Partners: DATAMAT (Italy), INDRA (Spain), MS&I (France), SCOT (France), SEMA (Spain), Faculte de Sciences Agronomiques de Gembloux (Belgium), VITROCISET (Italy), WSF (Finland)
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FORMIDABLE (Friendly Operational Risk Management through Interoperable Decision Aid Based on Local Environment)
FORMIDABLE is a joint European project, that, based on the experiences of the different partners, focuses on the definition of a standardised approach to the emergency management of any type of natural disaster for the European Civil Protection Authorities (CPAs). The major outcomes of the FORMIDABLE project consists of:

  • A standard methodology, with guidelines, templates and recommendations about the CPAs activities in the emergency management;
  • A prototype of a decision support system, which translates the methodology into standardised information and communication procedures, and integrates it with advanced technology, in order to improve the user-friendlyness, the flexibility and the reliability of such a system.

Coordinator: DATAMAT (Italy)
Partners: TEUCHOS (France), VITROCISET (Italy), DPC (Italy), DGPC (Spain), GSCP (Greece), UCM (Spain), CIDA (Spain), FMA (Italy), SSN (Italy), MODENA (Italy), EPPO (Greece), NKUA (Greece), NOA (Greece).
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Posters & Demonstration Area
A demonstration room with a certain number of workstations and personal computers (including online access to remote servers) and limited poster space will be available during the event.

A registration form is distributed to speakers. Invited speakers are kindly requested to sent this back before the 20th of January 2001 with an abstract of their presentation (one page A4 max.) to:

Mrs. Luana Bisaccia
European Space Agency (ESA/ESRIN)
Via Galileo Galilei
00044 Frascati (RM) Italia

Tel.: ++39 06 941 80531
Fax: ++39 06 941 80552


Points of Contact
For any questions regarding workshop organisation, please feel free to contact:

Mr. Joost van Bemmelen
Tel.: ++39 06 941 80583
Fax: ++39 06 941 80552


Mr. Frederic Le Gall
Tel.: ++39 06 941 80757
Fax: ++39 06 941 80552


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