France: 3rd International Workshop Remote sensing and GIS applications to Forest Fire Management New methods and sensors (17 &18 May 2001, Paris)

European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories &
Department of Geography, University of Alcalá (Spain)

3rd International Workshop
Remote sensing and GIS applications to Forest Fire Management
New methods and sensors

17 and 18 May 2001, Paris, France


The SIG group on Forest Fires will organise the Third International workshop on Remote Sensing and Forest Fires in May 17-18, 2001, following the 21st EARSeL Symposium in Paris. This conference will follow on from two previous workshops held in Thessaloniki (1993) and Alcalá de Henares (1995), and the Seminar organised in Coimbra (1998) by the SIG group. The main topic of the workshop will be the application of new sensors and technologies to fire prevention, detection and mapping. Special emphasis will be devoted to global and regional approaches and defining common standards for validating fire products. Potentials of Vegetation, MODIS, and MERIS will be reviewed, as well as the continued development of techniques to improve processing of AVHRR, ATSR and WiFs data. The integration of human factors in the analysis of risk will also be considered, in order to obtain a more comprehensive view of fire danger estimation.

Workshop objectives:

The basic activity of the Forest Fire Special Interest Group (FFSIG) is to establish personal contacts among researchers interested in the application of remote sensing and Geographic Information Systems technologies to forest fire research. Within this context, this workshop has been organised as a forum of discussion and sharing of ideas and technical experience in the use of remote sensing and GIS in forest fire applications. The goal will be to identify requirements not currently met by remote sensing systems and to explore potential collaborations.

The structure of the workshop is based on the analysis of potentials of current and future sensors for burned land mapping and fire risk assessment. Three lectures will be presented:

  • Current and future activities of ESA related to forest fires, including applications of ERS and Envisat, by Olivier Arino (ESA/ESRIN, Italy)

  • Review of the Terra program and presentation of future activities of NASA related to forest fires, by Yoram Kaufman (Earth Observing System – “Terra” Project Scientist)

  • Review of User Needs in Operational Fire Danger Estimation: The Oklahoma Example, by J. D. Carlson (Oklahoma State University).

Papers can be presented on all topics previously addressed. In order to leave as much time as possible for in-depth discussion of the themes raised, all contributions will be presented as posters. Authors will have the opportunity to give a brief oral presentation of their work before detailed explanations of their posters during the following poster session. Oral presentations will be restricted to three keynote lectures.


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