XXI IUFRO World Congress “Forests and Society: The Role of Research” 7-12 August 2000, Malaysia

XXI IUFRO World Congress
“Forests and Society: The Role of Research”

7-12 August 2000, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The next IUFRO World Congress will be held in Malaysia, 7-12 August, 2000. The Congress title is “Forests and Society: The Role of Research”. The responsibility for its scientific programme lies with the IUFRO Executive Board, which has established a Congress Scientific Committee (CSC) for this purpose. The practical organisation is in hands of the Congress Organizing Committee (COC) in Malaysia.

A Sub-Plenary “Sustainable Management of Natural Resources: Fire and Forests” will be organized by the IUFRO Fire Group 8.05 (see contact address below) on 8 August 2000. For the detailed poster and oral presentations programme on forest fire: see http://iufro.boku.ac.at/iufro/congress/csc/.

Contact address:

Congress Scientific Committee
IUFRO Secretariat
c/o Federal Forest Research Centre
Seckendorff-Gudent-Weg 8
1131 Vienna

Fax:  ++43-1-8779355
Tel:  ++43-1-8770151
e-mail: iufroxxi.csc@forvie.ac.at

General information on the XXI IUFRO World Congress:
http://iufro.boku.ac.at/iufro/congress The congress information package is available on:
http://iufro.boku.ac.at/iufro/congress/cip-98.pdf     (Acrobat Reader required) http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep.html IUFRO Group 8.05 Contacts:


IUFRO XXI World Congress:
Sessions of Group 8.05 Forest Fire Research

The programme of scientific meetings of IUFRO Unit 8.05.00 Forest Fire Research is given below (state: 19 October 1999). Updated programme information is available on-line at: http://iufro.boku.ac.at/iufro/congress/csc/

8 August 1999: Sub-Plenary “Sustainable management of natural resources: Fire and forests”

1- Johann G.Goldammer. The fire and smoke episode of 1997-98 in South East Asia: implications on regional and global fire research programmes.
2- Adriana G. Moreira and Daniel C. Nepstad. Forest fires in tropical America : challenges for research.
3- Brian J. Stocks and Susan G. Conard. Forest fire research in north America and Russia. Past accomplishments and future trends.
4- Ertugrul Bilgili and Johann G.Goldammer. Fire in the Mediterranean basin: towards an interdisciplinary science programme.

Organisers: Johann G. Goldammer and Brian J. Stocks

Posters “Fire weather and behaviour”

1- Bulent Saglam, Ertugrul Bilgili. Fire occurrence in relation to weather conditions
2- Ronaldo Viana Soares. Performance of the Monte Alegre formula on fire danger evaluation in different regions of Brazil
3- Shoji Inoue. An analysis of forest fire behaviour based on estimation of wind direction and wind Velocity at the time of the fire
4- A.P.Sapozhnikov. About necessity of new approach to pyrological estimation of forests
5- A.V.Volokitina, L.Ph.Nozhenkova, M.A.Sofronov, D.I.Nazimova. Prognosis of emergency situations under wildland fires

Posters “Fire effects, ecology and country profiles”

6- K.Owusu-Afriyie et al. Seedling survival, mortality and regeneration after fire in a tropical high forest in Ghana
7- Ranjith B. Mapa. Effect of fire on soil properties in pine and natural forest in Sri Lanka
8- George Mathew, P.Rugmini, C.F.Binoy. Impact of fire on forest insect species diversity. A study in the Silent Valley
9- Andre M. Tandjiekpon. Influence des feux de brousse sur la dynamique des forêts seches. Cas des formations forestières degradées du Nord-Benin
10- H.H.Liwangsa et al. Forest plantation fire. The SAFODA experience (Sabah Forestry Development Authority)
11- Ronaldo Viana Soares. Wildfire occurrence in a forest district and other Brazilian protected areas
12- Daniel Otu. Natural regeneration of Tectona grandis and Gmelina arborea after fire in Ikrogon Forest reserve, Cross River State, Nigeria
13- Yamaguchi Tsunashi, Tsuyuki Satoshi, H. Siswanto, and Y.Ruslim. Assessment of forest fire impacts in East Kalimantan using satellite remotely sensed data
14- Angelo M. Carvalho Oliveira, Jaime S. Luis. Growth and development of a maritime pine stand after fire

8 August 2000: Session Forest Fires in Southeast Asia (I)

1- M.Hasmadi Ismail, Kamaruzaman Jusoff. Forest fire. Monitoring and management using satellite remote sensing data (Malaysia)
2- Yousif Ali Hussin, Heri Sunuprapto. Forest fire monitoring and damage assessment using remotely sensed data and GIS. A case study from East Kalimantan, Indonesia
3- Samsudin Musa, S.Ibrahim, I.Harun, R.Barizan, A.Hassan, W.M.Shukri, I.Parian. Haze forest fires and land-use practices. An assessment (Malaysia)
4- Gusti Z.Anshari. A study of fire history and the vegetation change of a lowland, peat swamp forest in the Lake Sentarum wildlife reserve, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
5- Bambang Hero Saharjo. Fire research and society interest as limiting factors in minimizing large forest fires burn in Indonesia

Organisers: Brian Stocks and Johann G. Goldammer

9 August 2000: Forest Fires in Southeast Asia (II) and in Other Tropical Regions

1- Eulis Retnowati. Managing smoke in forestry and crop estate sector in Indonesia
2- A.R.R. Menon and K.J. Martin Lowel. Fire-related regeneration dynamics in the moist deciduous forests of Western Ghats. A case study
3- Paul Kankan. Sustainable management of natural resources: Forest and fire (Ghana)
4- Marcos Pedro Ramos Rodriguez, Ronaldo Viana Soares. History of forest fires in the province of Pinar del Rio, Cuba
5- Lailan Syaufina. The interest of students on forest fire studies (Indonesia)

Organisers: Brian Stocks and Johann G. Goldammer

11 August 2000: Forest Fires in Temperate and Boreal Forests. Scientific Session and Panel Discussion

1- Susan G. Conard, Brian J. Stocks. Fire in temperate and boreal forests. Global change, fire management, and sustainability
2- E.S. Arzybashev. Forest fires in Russia
3- Panel Discussion

Organisers: Brian Stocks and Johann G. Goldammer



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