Russian Federation: International Conference “Conjugate Problems of Mechanics and Ecology”, 4-9 July 2000, Tomsk


International Conference
“Conjugate Problems of Mechanics and Ecology”

4-9 July 2000, Tomsk

The conference is organized by Tomsk State University, the Centre on Reactive Media Mechanics and Ecology, the Naval Surface Warfare Center, the Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, the Siberian Branch of the Council on Combustion of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Tomsk Society of Mechanics-scientists and Thermophysicists. The conference will elaborate on the following topics:

  • Natural and technogenic catastrophes
  • Understanding of accidental explosions in nature and industry
  • Predicting motion and distribution of dangerous celestial natural and man-made dangerous objects
  • The problem of celestial bodies entering the dense layers of the atmosphere and the methods of changing a flight trajectory
  • Mechanisms of thermochemical destruction of celestial bodies in the atmosphere of the planets and the Earth
  • Catastrophic floods and ecology of existing water-development works
  • Principles, methods and technical facilities of the ecological monitoring of natural complexes and geotechnical systems
  • Physico-chemical foundations and control methods of contaminating media and their regeneration
  • Forest fires: initiation, spread and ecological impacts
  • Methodology of risk-analysis of new technologies for improving the ecological production safety
  • The physical and mechanical properties of aerosols and dispersed fluids
  • Computer programmes and methods for predicting ecological impacts of catastrophes
  • Higher ecological education and social monitoring
  • Ecological and social aspects of the collision catastrophe

The working languages of the conference are Russian and English. The Conference program is as follows:

  • “Round table” discussions of different aspects of the conference
  • Sale-exhibition of computer programs and methods

Sponsors are invited for mutual cooperation and participation in the conference. The program will include the names of the participants and organizations that will support the conference.

To be registered, conference participants are requessted to send their preregistration forms to the organizing committee, together with the application and abstracts for foreigners not later than 30 May 2000.

A registration fee of $US400 will be charged for foreign participants. The registration fee will cover the costs of hotel accommodation, all meals, and the conference book proceedings. After the conference (9-10 July 2000) it is planned to conduct a forest fire (surface fire) experiment to investigate fire behaviour and spread and the application of new methods of fighting them. The design of scientific experiments can be expanded in accordance with the interests of new participants.

There will be a special cultural program for the participants of the conference, including excursions over the historical places of Tomsk.

Please request your pre-registration form through the following contact addresses of the Organizing Committee:


Prof. Anatoly Mikhaylovich Grishin
Conference Chair

Centre on Reactive Media Mechanics and Ecology
Tomsk State University
36 Lenin avenue
RUS – Tomsk 634050

Fax: ++7-3822-42-61-95
Tel: ++7-3822-42-61-69


Dr. Ruth M. Doherty
Conference Co-Chair Code 90B
Naval Surface Warfare Center
101 Strauss Avenue
USA – Indian Head, MD 20640-5035

Fax: ++1-301-744-4717
Tel: ++1-301-744-6778 (DSN 354-6778)


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