IX International Conference on Forest Fire Research


17th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit

11-18 November 2022, Coimbra, Portugal

Following its previous editions, the scope of this Conference will cover the main topics related to fire management in a research perspective. There will be six major themes for you to present your work, each of them with several sub-topics, that you can find here on the website. The themes are related to Fire at the Wildland Urban Interface, Fire Risk Management, Decision Support Systems and Tools, Fire Management, Fuel Management and Socio Economic Issues. These themes are not restricted and we are open to other subjects that are proposed, as well.

Two courses, the VI Short Course on Fire Safety and the IX Short Course on Forest Fire Behaviour, will be held before the Conference, as related but separate events.


Six major themes involved in this multidisciplinary problem will be covered by the authors during the Conference. Each theme has several sub-topics for your guidance. Papers or posters dealing with the most relevant topics related to forest fires on a scientific basis will be presented. The following list of subjects is given as a guide line for the eventual organization of the sessions:

Decision Support Systems and Tools

  • Fire Detection and Monitoring
  • Remote Sensing
  • Fire Behaviour Prediction Systems
  • Meteorology and other support information
  • New Technologies

Fire at the Wildland-Urban Interface

  • Fuel Management
  • Fire Management

Risk Assessment

  • Community protection
  • Fire modelling
  • Risk Assessment
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Risk Communication
  • Fire Effects
  • Cascading Effects
  • Evaluation and Management of Burned Areas
  • Fire History

Risk Reduction

  • Fire Behaviour
  • Fire Prevention
  • Fuel Management
  • Fuel Modelling
  • Fire Preparedness
  • Climate Change

Risk Adaptation

  • Human and Institutional Factors
  • Economic Issues
  • Fire Impacts on Society
  • Fire Ecology
  • Fire Climate
  • Fire Prevention

Wildfire Management and Safety

  • Fire Behaviour
  • Firefighting training
  • Fire Suppression
  • Large Fires
  • Fire Safety
  • Fire protection
  • Fire Management
  • Fire Weather

17th International Wildland Fire Safety Summit

The 17th International Wildland Safety Summit, promoted by the International Association of Wildland Fire (IAWF), will be hosted by the 9th ICFFR, and will be integrated into the Conference programme.

Since 1997, the International Wildland Fire Safety Summit has been the gathering place for members of the global wildland fire community to focus on how we keep our workforce and communities safe. This event is a time for us to discuss significant events and trends in safety, to promote best practices in safety training and operations, to share safety related research findings, and to explore new approaches to both firefighter and community safety. No special or separate registration is needed.

All registrants to the ICFFR & Safety Summit will receive a one year membership to the IAWF, with full benefits.

Conference Website

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