EGU General Assembly

23-27 May 2022, Vienna-Austria

At EGU 2022, a dedicated session addressing landscape fires will be held

BG1.2 – Fire in the Earth System:

Interactions with Land, Atmosphere and Society

Co-organized by AS4/CL3.2/NH7

Fire is an essential feature of terrestrial ecosystems and an important component of the Earth system. Climate, vegetation, and human activity regulate fire occurrence and spread, but fires also feedback to them in multiple ways. This session welcomes contributions that explore the role of fire in the Earth system at any temporal and spatial scale using modeling, field and laboratory observations, proxy-records, and/or remote sensing. We encourage all abstracts that advance our understanding on interactions between fire and (1) weather, climate, as well as atmospheric chemistry and circulation, (2) biogeochemical, energy, and water cycles, (3) vegetation composition and structure, (4) pyrogenic carbon, including effects on soil functioning and soil organic matter dynamics, (5) cryosphere (e.g. permafrost, sea ice), and (6) humans (e.g., impact of fire on air and water quality, freshwater resources, human health, land use and land cover change, fire management). We also welcome contributions focusing on fire characterization, including (7) fire behavior and emissions (e.g. fire duration, emission factors, emission height, smoke transport), (8) spatial and temporal changes of fire regimes in the past, present, and future, (9) fire products and models, and their validation, error/bias assessment and correction, and (10) analytical tools designed to enhance situational awareness among fire practitioners and early warning systems.

Convener: Fang Li

Co-conveners: Angelica Feurdean, Renata Libonati, Gabriel Sigmund, Sander Veraverbeke

Session Post:

EGU 2022 Outcomes

In Session NH7.1 “Spatial and temporal patterns of wildfires: models, theory, and reality” (Conveners: Joana Parente, Marj Tonini, Andrea Trucchia, Mário Pereira, Nikos Koutsias); Vienna, Austria) REEFMC and GFMC contributed:

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