Scientist – Data Assimilation for Air Quality

Norwegian Meteorological Institute

Scientist – Data Assimilation for Air Quality (07/26)

(closingdate 1 June 2007)

Research Department

A permanent position is open for an air pollution scientist at the Research Department of the Norwegian Meteorological Institute ( The Research Department includes 50 scientists that investigate various aspects of meteorology and oceanography, focusing on atmosphere and ocean dynamics, numerical modeling, data assimilation, remote sensing, climate research and modeling of the transport and dispersion of atmospheric and oceanic of tracer species and pollutants.

Duties and responsibilities

The applicant is expected to contribute to the development of air quality forecasting in the Air Pollution Section of the Research Department. In first instance, the work will be related to the implementation of data assimilation routines for air quality components, in particular using in-situ air quality observations and also satellite information of atmospheric chemical species. The work will be addressed to the use of the EMEP air quality transport model for forecasting applications. EMEP modeling at supports policy work within both the UN-ECE and EU frameworks and now the model is intended for use also in air quality forecasting applications. It is an important requirement that the candidate has documented experience with numerical modeling, weather prediction models and/or atmospheric transport models. It is an advantage if the applicant has experience with data assimilation techniques (Kalman filter, 3D var, 4Dvar) and experience in using satellite information for air quality components.

The candidate is expected to play a leading role in the development of’s expertise in air quality forecasting, contributing with new projects in this area. Depending on qualifications and interest areas, the candidate may be asked to contribute also in other research areas within the Research Department.

Research in the Air Pollution Section is organized through international co-operation projects and involves international traveling and collaboration with scientists abroad. English is the main workinglanguage.


  • Higher education (Msc science, PhD.) in geophysics, physics, chemistry and/or meteorology is required.

  • It is required to have documented experience with numerical modeling either with numerical weather prediction and/or atmospheric/ocean transport models.

  • The candidate should be fluent in English, capable of independent scientific work and have good co-operation capabilities.

  • It is an advantage if the candidate is familiar with UNIX, FORTRAN-90 and PERL and has experience with parallelization and optimization routines.

  • It is an advantage if the candidate has experience with the use and development of data assimilation routines (4Dvar, Ensemble Kalman filter, 3D var).

  • It is an advantage if the candidate has experience with use of satellite data for air quality components. 


  • Yearly salary as research scientist 1109, 1110 or 1183, (EUR 48.637 – EUR 58.419) depending on qualifications.

  • Membership on the Norwegian Public Service Pension Fund

  • Trial period: 6 months 

For further information: 

Information on the organization and content of the work can also be found at and http://www.emep.intor 

Apply by:01.06.2007
Conditions:Yearly salary as research scientist 1109, 1110 or 1183, (EUR 48.637 – EUR 58.419) depending on qualifications
Contact:Research Director Øystein Hov (tel. +47 22 96 33 60), or Section leader Leonor Tarrasón, (tel. +47 95 19 36 71)

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