Fire Scientist at CSIRO and SCION

FireScientist at CSIRO and SCION


TheForest Biosecurity and Protection unit (FBP) within Ensis, a joint venturebetween CSIRO and SCION, is offering a major opportunity for an enthusiasticscientist to contribute to the fire behaviour research capability of the EnsisBushfire Research Group. FBP staff are located in Canberra and Sydney (Australia)and Rotorua and Christchurch (New Zealand).

The fireteam is predominantly split between Canberra and Christchurch, with the positionon offer located in Christchurch. You will join a group that is strong inbushfire behaviour and management science and in developing fire behaviourmodels and decision support systems. The team undertakes research needed toreduce loss of life and property from bushfires and to deliver benefits ofimproved bushfire management to communities and the environment. The team’sresearch and development program is primarily concentrated on describing thefire environment, quantifying wildfire risk, and developing better firebehaviour prediction models and improved fire danger rating systems. Thesemodels will provide bushfire authorities and land managers with better operatingtools to allocate wildfire suppression resources, implement prescribed burningprograms, and manage biodiversity.

Thecandidate will be expected to assist in the development and application of firebehaviour models and to deliver integrated research and operational solutions toAustralasia’s forestry, national parks, other land management agencies and ruralbushfire fire authorities responsible for fire management and control ofbushfires on public and private lands.

Ensisencourages applications from scientists or experienced land managers with auniversity qualification (i.e., forestry, natural resource management,environmental science, and engineering) who are interested in pursuing a careerin bushfire research. Applicants should have: 

  • A demonstrated ability to undertake scientific research;
  • Demonstrated ability to conceptually link understanding of bushfires (wildfire and planned fires) at a range of spatial scales to fire management planning and management problems;
  • Technical competence in the use of a suite of data management, statistical, presentation and communication applications in a PC environment;
  • Experience in the development and application of mathematical / statistical models that integrate biological and physical processes;
  • Knowledge of risk management applications and/or experience in the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and other spatial information;
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills for establishing and maintaining relationships with staff, management, and stakeholders in industry, funding bodies, government and general community; and
  • An ability to apply innovation to research, be well-organised and productive, and work harmoniously in a small dynamic, multi-disciplinary team.

Previousproject management experience, including management of personnel and budgets,would be a distinct advantage. Similarly, operational experience in firemanagement and/or fire research, although preferred is not essential. There issignificant potential for a suitably qualified and experienced candidate to takeon a key leadership role within the Bushfire Research Group. This is a permanent and full-time role.


Closingdate: 21 December 2005

Forfurther information on this role, or on Ensis and the Bushfire Research Group,visit our website:

Aposition description and application forms are available by email:

orphone: +64-7-343 5559


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