IAWF Officer and Board of Director

IAWFOfficer and Board of Director Positions

The IAWF will be filling the expiring terms of someofficer and Board of Directors positions in November, 2006. The positions being filled include:

  • President, for a partial term, 1-year
  • Vice President, for a 2 year term
  • Treasurer, for a 2-year term.
  • Member of the Board of Directors (6 positions), all for a 3 year term.

Requirements and information:

  • Must be an “individual” member of the IAWF.  Student and Corporate members are not eligible.
  • These are not honorary positions.  We expect that the individuals serving the membership in these positions will contribute the time and energy to serve on committees, participate in monthly conference calls lasting up to 2 hours each, and assist in meeting the goals of the IAWF.
  • Must have the time available for the above.  If your job or other activities will prevent you from being able to participate, you are most likely not suited for the position.
  • Since most of the Officers’ and Board’s activities are conducted electronically, the applicants will need to be very comfortable using email, using Microsoft Word (for very basic tasks such as creating documents, opening documents, filing them, and minor editing), as well as opening and filing attachments to email. 
  • Attending an annual face-to-face Board of Directors meeting is very helpful, but not an absolute requirement.  The IAWF at this time is not able to pay travel expenses for Board meetings.  The meetings are usually held at one of our conferences and last one day. 

By 6 November 2006,submit an application to the chair of the nominating committee:

Gary Nelson
Email:  gnkeep@aol.com

or surface mail at:

25675 Estoril St.
Valencia, CA 91355

Anyone interested in applying for one of the positionsshould submit the following information to the nominating committee:


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