Second International Symposium on Fire Ecology

Freiburg, Germany, 2427 May 1983

The Second Symposium on Fire Ecology in Europe was held at Freiburg University in May 1983. The symposium was inspired by the First Symposium in 1977, which was also organized by Johann Georg Goldammer Jean-Pierre Vité, Director of the Institute of Forest Zoology, Faculty of Forest Sciences, Freiburg University.

Note: In 1979, the Fire Ecology Research Group was established at Freiburg University. In 1990, the Fire Ecology Research Group transited to the Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Sciences, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, as a joint venture with Freiburg University. In 1998, the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) was formally established at the Fire Ecology Research Group.

The Symposium reflected the newly arising challenges from land-use change in Europe and the response of the community of scientists and decision makers in fire management – addressing both the use of prescribed fire in landscape management as well as wildfire prevention and control. The IUFRO-Subject Group „Forest Fire Research“ and the newly activated ECE/FAO/ILO Project Group “Forest Fire Prevention and Control” joined the Symposium.


Group photo of some of the Symposium participants taken on 27 May 1983 during the field trip at the Experimental Station of Faculty of Forest Sciences, Freiburg University. From left to right: Johann Georg Goldammer (convener); Louis Trabaud (France), Robert E. Martin (U.S.A.), Giancarlo Calabri (Italy), Pierre Delabraze (France), Dorothea Goldammer (Germany), Erhard Schaefer (Germany), Francisco Castro Rego (Portugal), Eduardo Rojas Briales (Spain), Tytus Karlikowski (Poland) and José Antonio Vega (Spain).

     Robert E. Martin, Giancarlo Calabri, José Antonio Vega, Tytus Karlikowski and Pierre Delabraze in discussion.

Robert E. Martin and Pierre Delabraze exchanging.

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