First Symposium on Fire Ecology

Freiburg, Germany, 5-6 April 1977

The first Symposium on Fire Ecology in Europe was held at Freiburg University in April 1977. The symposium was inspired and organized by Johann Georg Goldammer, at that time student of forest sciences at Freiburg University, Germany, and Jean-Pierre Vité, Director of the Institute of Forest Zoology, Faculty of Forest Sciences.

Note: In 1979, the Fire Ecology Research Group was established at Freiburg University. In 1990, the Fire Ecology Research Group transited to the Max Planck Institute for the Advancement of Sciences, Max Planck institute for Chemistry, as a joint venture with Freiburg University. In 1998, the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) was formally established at the Fire Ecology Research Group.

The only photograph of the Symposium was taken on 5 April 1977 in the “Seminar Room” of the Faculty of Forest Sciences, Freiburg University

Preparatory Publications

Follow-up Publications

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