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  In order to support the transboundary fire management activities, the RCAFMRC has conducted a research project “Estimating grass fuel loads with a disk pasture meter and GIS tools in north-eastern Mongolian steppe” were the most border crossing fires occurs. Determining and mapping the amount of grass available to burn can help fire managers, land managers accurately predict fire behaviour and manage the risk. The field study was done between 26 June and 7 July 2015 and data analysis is under processing. The results of this research will be delivered to the border authorities, local government of the regions and the national emergency management agency for their use. This research was funded by the National University of Mongolia “Project No. 3C 2015 SEAS-19”.
 Photo impression of the north-eastern Mongolia grassland fuel estimating project



Abundant grass in the wet-meadows 2 months after the fire


           Steppe fires often inters to the forests nearby


 Measuring Leaf Are Index (LAI)


Grass biomass sampling by species



Grass biomass sampling for the calibration of the Disk Pasture Meter


Sampling species by species takes time and needs some shelter (+40C)


Border of burnt and unburnt area


Measurement of the Disk Pasture Meter


Direct weighing of the samples


Weighing the samples and cooling down after hot day


Many dried out water bodies, because of early growing season extreme drought


Consultation on cross-boundary fire with the border authorities






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