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Global Environmental Monitoring

The following list of the most important Global Environmental Monitoring links is listed in alphabetical order.
GFMC readers are encouraged to provide update information on new links to the GFMC.

Global Forest Watch
Global Forest Watch is an international data and mapping network that combines on-the-ground knowledge with digital technology to provide accurate information about the world’s forests. Global Forest Watch’s overall objective is to infuse transparency and accountability into the decision making processes that determine how forests are managed and for whom. Global Forest Watch promotes transparency and accountability by (a) tracking the actors (corporations, government agencies, individuals) that are sponsoring; (b) development activities; (c) mapping out where these actors are operating, and (d) monitoring the degree to which these actors are following national and local management laws and regulations.

Interactive Health Ecology Access Links (IHEAL)
IHEAL is an international network created by non-governmental organisations to support implementation of the United Nations Convention on Access to Information, Public Participation in Decision Making, and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters (Aarhus 1998), and the World Health Organisation-Europe Environment & Health Ministerial Declaration (London 1999).

United Nations System: Sustainable Development Country Archives

This UN website allows to obtain information from all countries related to social, economic, natural resource, and institutional issues and their indicators.

United Nations System-Wide Earthwatch
This site prepared and managed by the UN System-wide Earthwatch Coordination, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Geneva, Switzerland. The website provides a web page with sources of near-real-time information on the state of the planetary environment including fire.

World Rainforest Movement (WRM)
The World Rainforest Movement is an international network of citizens’ groups of North and South involved in efforts to defend the world’s rainforests. The World Rainforest Movement was established in 1986 and initially focused its activities on the flaws in the FAO and World Bank’s “Tropical Forestry Action Plan” and countering the excesses of the tropical timber trade and the problems of the International Tropical Timber Organisation. The WRM distributes a monthly electronic bulletin to serve as an information dissemination tool of local struggles and on global processes which may affect local forests and people, which currently reaches more than 2200 individuals and organizations in 89 countries. It also disseminates relevant information and documentation through its web site. Fire information is found in the folder “Information by subject” section “Fires”.

 World Resources Institute (WRI)
The World Resources Institute provides information, ideas, and solutions to global environmental problems. The section Forests ( among other provides Environmental data tables: Forests and Land Cover ( and Interactive Forest Maps (


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