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The following list of the most important Africa links islisted in alphabetical order.
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South Africa


Net Forecasting
Net Forecasting is a non-government weather forecast service operated by the forecasters Marais Fourie, Christo Wolfaardt, Sakkie Nigrini, and Roy Vallance. The services include a broad range of weather forecast products for South Africa, sunrise and sunset information, facilitate the access to satellite imageries, and provide the following fire-weather information. This can be searched on Net Forecast website (Afrikaans or English), or click directly the following products (in English):

  • Seven day Fire weather forecast by region (within South Africa)

Day 1
Day 7


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Kwazulu Natal Fire Protection Association (KZNFPA) 
The KZNFPA, formerly Natal Midlands Fire Protection Association (NMFPA), operates a fleet of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters for forest fire fighting in KwaZulu Natal. Since 1998 Jake Oosthuizen (Zululand Fire Protection Services) is Operations Manager.


Ukuvuka – Operation Firestop
The Ukuvuka: Operation Firestop campaign is a joint initiative between the National Government of South Africa (represented by the Working for water Programme), the Provincial Government, the Cape Metropolitan Council, the South Peninsula Municipality, the City of Cape Town and the South African National Parks. The campaign was launched in February 2000 as a result of the fires that burnt 8370 hectares of land along the Table Mountain chain in January of the same year. Ukuvuka is a Xhosa word meaning “to wake up”. The fires delivered a wake up call to residents of the Cape Peninsula and especially to authorities and landowners, that major action was needed. The primary objectives of The Ukuvuka – Operation Firestop Campaign are:

  1. to secure effective control over invading alien plants from the Table Mountain chain;
  2. to assist in the rehabilitation of the Table Mountain chain;
  3. to create employment opportunities, training and poverty relief;
  4. to promote social cohesion through collaborative community efforts, building a sense of community and the breaking down of social barriers; and
  5. to assist in establishing and implementing a fire-management plan of action in accordance with the National Veld and Forest Fires Act of 1998.


Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) 

The Department is legislatively mandated by The National Veld and Forest Fire Act (No. 101 of 1998): to prevent and combat veld, forest and mountain fires throughout the country and thereby limit and reduce the damage and losses caused by fires to life, fixed property, infrastructure, movable property, stock, crops, fauna and flora and veld in South Africa . In terms of the Constitution firefighting services is a Local Government function, with Provincial and National Governments playing a facilitating role. The Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry must prepare and maintain a fire danger rating system for the country in consultation with affected role players, including Fire Protection Associations which are to be established under the Act. The Department must also keep a record of fires, and develop a database capturing the statistics of fires and their impact on society. The Sub-Directorate: Fire Regulation is primarily responsible for the administration of the National Veld & Forest Fire Act and to oversee, monitor and evaluate its implementation through the development of and establishment of policies, systems and procedures for regulatory implementation and the rendering of support to the public and implementers.

Fire management website:

Fire management documents:


Zululand Fire Protection Services 
After 16 years of Aerial Spraying and Aerial Fire Fighting, Jake Oosthuizen formed Zululand Fire Protection Services cc. with the object of providing a service to the Zululand timber industry. Initially the operation was started by taking over the control centre of the ZFPA which co-ordinated all Fire Fighting operations in the Zululand Coastal Area (approximately 80,000 hectares of timber). The Ops Room was very low profile and provided a basic communication service to the timber growers in the area. Today the Ops room is manned 24 hours a day, 12 months a year. Weather information is collected from approximately 8 weather stations twice a day and FDI’s are calculated. Internet is installed in the Ops Room and is used for weather predictions, satellite images and communication with the forestry industry world wide. Detailed information can be found on the website, especially on:

Contact Details   
Fire Weather  
Services Provided   
The KwaZulu-Natal Fire Protection Association





FireFight West Africa
On 22 – 23 May 2003, IUCN West African Regional Office organised a workshop in Kumasi, Ghana, as part of a FireFight pre-project supported and funded by the International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO). The pre-project derives from ongoing work on forest fires by IUCN – The World Conservation Union and WWF -The World Wide Fund for Nature.




Project “For Protection of Natural Heritage against Wildfire: Control of the Vegetation Fire in Madagascar”
A technical cooperation project between the Ministry of the Environments, Water, and Forests (MINENVEF) and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is carrying out studies and implementation in the field of participatory watershed management, private reforestation, and fire management. A fire management training handbook “Manuel sur la lutte contre les feux ” (in French) can be downloaded on the website.

The Gambia


Central River Division Forestry Project
The overall objective of the Central River Division Forestry Project aims at obtaining a sustainable management of the Gambian natural forest resources in close participation with the local communities. One of the activities is the development and implementation of an appropriate Bushfire Management concept.


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