Fire Management Resource Center-Central Asia Region (FMRC-CAR) 

Opening of the FMRC-CAR

An opening ceremony of the Fire Management Resource Center-Central Asia Region (FMRC-CAR) was followed by the the Regional Fire Management Training for Mongolia and Central Asia was held on 21-25 September 2015, Forestry Research and Training Center, Batsumber, Tuv province, Mongolia.

Photo impression of the Opening ceremony of the FMRC-CAR

Prof. Dr. Goldammer (GFMC) giving a keynote speech on Wildland Fire Situation in the Central Asian RegionFrom left: Prof. Dr. Goldammer (GFMC), Deputy Minister M.Khurelsukh (MEGDT, Mongolia), Mr. Daniel Valenghi (Swiss Cooperation Office in Mongolia), Dr. B.Oyunsanaa (FMRC-CAR)  Opening Remarks by Deputy Minister M.Khurelsukh, MEGDT, Mongolia, and Chief of the National Committee on Forest and Steppe Fire Protection of Mongolia
From left: Dr. Ts.Chuluunbaatar (MEGDT, Mongolia), Ms.Chuluuntsetseg (MEGDT), B.Oyunsanaa (FMRC-CAR), Prof. Dr. J.G.Goldammer (GFMC), Colonel J.Ganbaatar (LEU, Mongolia)Opening Remarks by Vice President, Prof. Dr. B.Boldgiv (NUM) and Director, Prof. Dr. N.Baatarbileg (NUM)Consultation on further collobaration with Delegations from Central Asian neighbours. From left: Mr. Emilbek Umaraliev (Kyrgyz Republic), Mr. Duman Dukenbaev, Mr. Yevgeniy Arkhipov (Republic of Kazakhstan), Johann G.Goldammer (GFMC), Mr. Dogdurbek Abdiraev (Kyrgyz Republic), B.Oyunsanaa (FMRC-CAR)


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