Fire Ecology and Management Course 2015

Udleg Forestry Research and Training Station,
National University of Mongolia
15-17 May 2015

Fire Management seeds are planted!

The first undergraduate training course on Fire Ecology and Management has been conducted for students of the National University of Mongolia (15-17 May 2015), followed by the exercise of under canopy burning in a Siberian Larch (Larix sibirica) forest stand in Udleg Forestry Research and Training Station, Mongolia. In the first field exercise day, students were taught introductory lectures on prescribed fire techniques, the EuroFire standards and methods to estimate under-canopy biomass and observation of fire weather before and during the burning. Students used the drip torch and applied different burning techniques and thus became familiar with fire behaviour and fire effects. Photos: FMRC-CAR.

 A grass biomass sampling (50cm*50cm). A four categories used: cured, live, dung, wood

Students are creating a control line

   Dr. Byambasuren demonstrating a different ignition techniques

The first fire scar has created on the Larch stem

Students are exercising ignition techniques with the drip-torch

Ignition run

Control line crew and look-out team

Some of the devices used for the field experiment 

Temperature characteristics during the burning

The FMRC-CAR team and undergraduate students of the National University of Mongolia after the burning


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