Regional Central Asia Wildland Fire Network

A Region of the Global Wildland Fire Network

Network Coordination


Mr. Oyunsanaa Byambasuren
Director, Fire Management Resource Center-Central Asia Region (FMRC-CAR)
c/o National University of Mongolia
P.O.B 46A/322
University Str. 3
14201 Ulaanbaatar
Tel:      +976-75754400 (3207)
e-mail: oyunsanaa (at)

Mr. Andrey Eritsov
Deputy Chief, National Aerial Forest Fire Center Avialesookhrana
Gorkogo St. 20
141200 Pushkino, Moscow Region
Tel:      +7-496-532-9246
Fax:     +7-495-626-9931
e-mail: aeritsov (at)

Focal Point China

Mr. Shu lifu, Director
Leader, Wildfire Research Group

Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection
Chinese Academy of Forestry, P.O. Box 8
No. 2 Dongxiaofu, XiangYi Road
Yiheyuan Hou, Beijing 100091
Tel:      +86-10-6288-9515
Fax:     +86-10-6288-9519
e-mail: fire (at)

Focal Point Kazakhstan

Evgeny V. Arhipov
Burabay State National Natural Park
Burabai village, Akmola region
Tel/Fax: +7-771-060 4121
e-mail: arhipov.forestfires (at)

Focal Points Mongolia

Mr. Chuluunbaatar Tsevee-Oirov
Ministry of Environment and Tourism, Mongolia
United Nation’s Str. 5/2, Chingeltei district
15160 Ulaanbaatar
Tel:      +97699137514
e-mail: chuluunbaatar.0705 (at)

Mr. Ganbaatar Jamyansuren
University Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs of Mongolia
Hilchnii Street 32, Bayanzurkh District
13301 Ulaanbaatar
e-mail: fire_ganaa (at)


On 29 April 2010, the first coordinator of the Regional Central Asia Wildland Fire Network, Dr. Leonid Grigorievich Kondrashov, passed away. On behalf of the Global Wildland Fire Network, the GFMC, represented by Johann Georg Goldammer, has expressed the sorrow of its members and conveyed condolence to the family of Leonid Grigorievich. His role as the founding member and spiritus rector of the Central Asia Network is unforgettable. On 6 October 2010 a memorial session was held in the frame of the International Conference Forest Fires: Management and International Cooperation for Preventing Forest Fires in the APEC Region. The Federal Forest Agency of the Russian Federation (Rozleskhoz) handed over the posthumous awarded Memorial Medal of the Federal Forest Agency (the highest national Russian Forestry Award) to the widow of Leonid G. Kondrashov, Marina Shevchenko.


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