Regional Central Asia Wildland Fire Network

A Region of the Global Wildland Fire Network

Institutions, Projects and other Wildland Fire Links

Mongolia – Environmental Information Center

The EIC is a specialized center in remote sensing, geographic information system, database applications and networking solutions.

China – Forest Fire Warning and Monitoring Information Center

The Forestry Public Security Bureau (Forest Fire Management Office) of the State Forestry Administration was established in 1998 under the dual leaderships performed by both the State Forestry Administration (SFA) and Ministry of Public Affairs. The Forest Fire Warning and Monitoring Information Center (FFWMIC) of SFA was established in October 2002. The Center has 4 departments: Office department, Warning department, Monitoring department and Information department. The main responsibilities of FFWMIC are as follows: to carry out nationwide satellite fire monitoring work; to manage the network system; to produce forest fire forecasts and forest fire statistics; to supervise the dispatch of forestry police and fire guards; to collect, edit and publish information on forestry police and fire management; to establish and manage information database and archives; to organize professional training for computer management and software development personnel from various provinces(autonomous regions or municipalities).


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