International Congress

Forest Fire and Climate Change:

Challenges for Fire Management in Natural and Cultural Landscapes of Eurasia

IEC Novosibirsk Expo Center, Novosibirsk, Russia
11-12 November 2013

Recent wildfire episodes in temperate-boreal Eurasia have resulted in severe environmental damages, high economic losses and considerable humanitarian problems. The assessment of changing fire regimes and the increasing vulnerability of society and the necessary response by public policies and action by local administrations were discussed at the International Congress Forest Fire and Climate Change: Challenges for Fire Management in Natural and Cultural Landscapes of Eurasia, which was organized as a cooperative endeavor of the

  • State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology
  • Ministry of Emergency Situations EMERCOM
  • Federal Forest Agency Rosleskhoz, Siberian Federal District
  • Government of Novosibirsk Oblast
  • Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC)

The Congress was held in conjunction with the International Exhibition for Forest Fire Fighting and Protection, organized by Siberia Expo and Leipziger Messe International (Germany).

The Congress themes included high-level contributions by scientists and representatives of non-government organizations from the Russian Federation and from neighbouring countries of Eurasia and from North America, including Canada, Germany, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Mongolia, South Korea, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States of America, who addressed

  • Regional climate change in Eurasia and North America: Observed trends and modeling of the future
  • Impacts of climate change on Eurasian landscapes (forests, wetlands and peatlands, steppes and grasslands)
  • Challenges and new approaches for forest management and fire management under changing socio-economic and environmental conditions
  • Fire management in agricultural lands
  • Participation of civil society in fire management (fire prevention, defense of villages and rural assets against wildfires, volunteers)
  • Public policies and strategic planning in fire management

Agenda and results of the congress



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