Regional Eurasian Wildland Fire Network

A Region of the Global Wildland Fire Network

The Regional Eurasian Wildland Fire Network (former Regional “Baltic” Network) involves all countries of northern temperate-boreal Eurasia stretching from the United Kingdom in the West to the Far East of the Russian Federation. The network is partially overlapping with the Central Asian and the Northeast Asian Wildland Fire Networks.. The majority of the region is covered by boreal coniferous forests that are adapted to natural fire. Prescribed burning in forests, protected nature conservation sites and for landscape management is receiving highest priority. In the temperate belt the use of prescribed fire is aimed to maintain open landscape types and their endangered habitats for flora and fauna. Regional cooperation in wildland fire emergency situations is promoted by the networking activities.

The Regional Network is a cooperative effort with the Western Russian/Fennoscandinavian Regional GOFC/GOLD Network and the Siberian/Far Eastern GOFC/GOLD Regional Network

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