Current forest fires in The United States of America

Forest Fires in the United States of America

07 September 2015

This fire perimeter map was generated by google maps and retrieved from YubaNet on 15 September 2015. As of the same date the “Butte Fire” was burning in Amador and Butte Counties in CA. It has burned 29,048 ha (71,780 acres), has destroyed408 structures (233 residences, 175 outbuildings) and damaged 15 others. Another 6,400 structures remained threatened.  

The progression of the Butte fire can be seen on this map, courtesy of SimTable

This fire perimeter map was generated by google maps and retrieved from YubaNet on 15 September 2015. As of 15/09/2015 the “Valley Fire” had burned 27195 ha (67,200 acres), has destroyed over 585 residences and hundreds of other structures. Some 19,000 people remain evacuated.  

Firefighters from Tulare work to create a back fire along Fricot City Road to try to contain the growing Butte Fire near Sheep Ranch, Calif. Photo: Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times

Firefighters scramble to try to control a house aflame after a wildfire swept through a county road near Seigler Springs, Calif., on Sunday night.Photo:Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times

Jay Albertson views the remains of the home where he had lived for 30 years. “This is a chapter in our lives that is gone forever,” he said. Photo: Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times.

Cables are tangled near the remains of a home in Cobb, Calif. Photo: Marcus Yam / Los Angeles Times.


On7September 2015, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this image of the Rough Fire burning in California’s Sierra National Forest.Red outlines indicate hot spots. According to YubaNet the so-called “Rough Fire” has burned 565 sq. km (218 sq. miles), has destroyed 4 structures and as of 15 Sept. had 3,741  personnel assigned to the incident.
Source: NASA Earth Observatory


This NASA modis image shows the ongoing drought in the western United States. Conditions were particularly severe in California, Oregon, and Washington, where below-average precipitation has had a large, lasting effect on water supplies.

The shortage is visible to satellites that detect the movement and depletion of water supplies at and below Earth’s surface. The maps above were produced with data from the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) satellites, combined with other satellite and ground-based measurements. They show the relative amount of water stored near the surface and underground as of September 14, 2015.

Source: (accessed on 21 Sept. 2015).


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