California launches dashboard to track wildfire management projects

31 August 2023

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USA – California officials on Tuesday launched a new website aimed at tracking how wildfire prevention projects are doing.

The interactive site, which is still in its beta version, displays the size and location of projects across the state. The website offers access to data and reports on activities such as prescribed burns, targeted grazing, uneven-aged timber harvest, fuel reduction and tree planting.

Treatments can also be sorted by categories such as region, county and land ownership.

A press release from the governor’s Wildfire and Forest Resilience Task Force explains that this dashboard collects data from several organizations and government departments. And while those agencies might differ in the methods of collecting information, the dashboard aims to streamline that data.

Patrick Wright is the director of the task force. He said this dashboard provides transparency in letting the public know where the billions of dollars invested in wildfire management are going.

Wright explained the website also has benefits for fire crews.

“It’s also really important to put in the hands of firefighters so they can see during a fire what areas have been treated in the surrounding areas,” Wright said. “Different agencies in the same area can now better coordinate their efforts and plan their efforts because they know what each other are doing.”

An official launch of the website is expected in spring 2024, and officials plan on further refining the current dashboard. Until then, the state is seeking feedback on improving the site.

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