Infrastructure Bill Directs $3.3B to Wildland Firefighting

08 November 2021

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USA – Federal wildland firefighters will soon see a much-needed upgrade to their salary under provisions included in Senate file S.2377 – Energy Infrastructure Act.  A major provision in the bill will change a federal firefighter’s title to Wildland Firefighter under federal job classifications.

Currently, federal wildland firefighters fall under the Forestry Technician classification that limits their ability to have competitive wage packages. This disparity has led many to seek other jobs with their municipal and state counterparts for higher pay and better benefits. The passage of the bill will enable federal agencies to better retain and recruit firefighters.

The bill also addresses converting a significant number of firefighters from seasonal to permanent full-time status so they can work year-round reducing fire loads in addition to suppression operations and other duties. The reduction of fire loads is explained in the video below from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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