Wildfires blazing out of control in Manitoba and other provinces

13 July 2021

Published by https://globalnews.ca

CANADA – There are currently 67 active fires in Manitoba, and five of those are burning out of control.

The majority of these fires are being caused by the extremely dry hot weather that we have been seeing.

Restrictions are in place for certain areas of the province to prevent further spread.

Don Hallett from Manitoba Wildlife Services told Global News that there aren’t any communities that are at risk right now, the biggest concern for communities is this air quality from the smoke but with the dry weather, there is a concern of more fires starting.

“We continue to monitor this every day — we watch the weather.”

“There’s a definite concern of more fire starts with lightning and weather patterns that continue to go through our province,” said Hallet.

Manitoba is not the only province dealing with wildfires right now as there are also currently over 70 forest fires across northwestern Ontario.

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The fires are raging so bad particularly within first nation communities that some residents are actively having to flee the area and their homes.

Amanda Sainnawap Former chief of the Pikangikum Reserve had to evacuate the area in the afternoon yesterday and it was pitch black outside at 3:00 p.m.

“I have my kids with me and we are fleeing — I’m trying to get my kids to safety — but this is really scary,” she said in a video while driving away from the fire.

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