Fire Crews Tackle Blaze In Alicante Salt Lake

01 May 2021

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SPAIN – Fire crews have tackled a massive blaze in the salt lake of Torrevieja for most of the day, according to reports from the Provincial Consortium of Firefighters of Alicante.

Four and a half hours after declaring the fire in the natural park of Las Lagunas de La Mata-Torrevieja, the emergency services declared the fire stabilised after it had already destroyed 19.5 hectares of land. At around 21:00, air assets were being withdrawn as the fire had been bought under control.

What started as a bush fire soon turned into a massive forest fire,  endangering several homes in urbanisation, whose neighbours have had to be evicted by the emergency services.

As reported by the Alicante Fire Brigade Consortium, the fire started around 4.30 pm at number 44 Alondras street, next to the area known as ‘Pink Lake’.
After being alerted by local residents, firefighters quickly arrived on the scene and noticed some flames close to scrub area near a group of houses.

Emergencies had activated the ‘situation 1’ of the Special Plan against the risk of Forest Fires (PEIF) due to the “dangerousness “of the fire, being very close to homes and being “potentially very dangerous”.

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