Alirajpur: Forest fire cause restlessness among tribals as forest department lacks fire fighting equipment

19 March 2021

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Alirajpur/Katthiwada (Madhya Pradesh): The presence of fire in the forests of Katthiwada area since the last three days has created restlessness among people as the forest department lacks fire extinguishing equipment. The lush green and priceless forest wealth is being harmed due to mischief of few villagers. Forest officer YS Bilawal has confirmed the incident.

Fires in forests generally occur during summer in tribal predominant Alirajpur district. The forest is spread over 21,000 hectares where tribals also live. In March, villagers burn fallen dry leaves specially of mahua trees to clear their path in the forest. This fire gradually spreads and even reaches hillocks. The fire incidents occur for four months of summer, burning trees and plants in the process. Wild animals also suffer as their natural habitat gets destroyed.

“Only public awareness can solve this problem. Elected representatives, educated youths, social workers and those living in Alirajpur district should spread public awareness so that this jungle fire may be stopped,” a resident of Katthiwada said.

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