100 of 105 fires extinguished in western Georgia, fire rages in Russian-occupied Gali

05 January 2021

Published by https://agenda.ge/

GEORGIA/RUSSIA – One hundred of 105 fires in western Georgia have been extinguished by more than 500 firefighters, while the fire still rages in Georgia’s Russian-occupied Gali district also in western part of the country.

Largely fields have caught fire on Tbilisi-controlled territory, while a forest fire almost reached the houses of locals in the Gali district and the de facto authorities have decided to evacuate locals from the villages of Zemo Bargebi, Sida and Repo-Etseri.

The Emergency Management Service of Georgia reported earlier today that firefighters are trying to extinguish the remaining five hotspots in Racha, Samgerlo and Adjara regions.

The agency says that strong winds helped spread the fire.

More than 50 emergency units have been used to extinguish the fires.

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