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International Video Conference

Recent Developments and Needs for Wildfire Fighting on the Ground: Tactics and Technologies

10 June 2010


 The Field Analytical Chemistry and Technology Unit/ National Technical University of Athens (FIACTU / NTUA), in the framework of the FP7 project “FIRELI (Fire Retardant Hoses Lines for Forestry Fire-Fighting Applications/No: 222152)” co-organized with the European Center for Forest Fires (ECFF) and theGlobal Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) / United Nations University (UNU) a video conference on recent developments and needs for ground methods and tools for forest fire suppression. GFMC served as conference chair.

 Main topics of the video conference agenda were tactics and training in forest fire suppression, technologies and ground means used, as well as end-users requirements. Participants from different fire services and relevant organizations in Europe participated.

 Presentations and Results