Russia: Smoke_2

Smoke from China spreads over FE Russia regions

ITAR-TASS,25 November  2002

ByBoris Savelyev

Khabarovsk — Cities and villages in the Far East Russian Khabarovsk territory are shrouded in smoke spreading from China. 

The concentration in the city of Khabarovsk and some settlements is 1.6 times more than what is regarded as the safe level, the Far East regional hydro meteorological and environment monitoring department told Itar-Tass. The smell of smoke was felt already last Saturday.
Information from a satellite shows that it is spreading from China.
Far East meteorologists have received the confirmation from Chinese colleagues about smoke over neigbouring Chinese territories.
The source of the smoke is not found yet.
The smoke shroud has covered a large territory from Arkhara in the Amur region to Khabarovsk, head of the FE Russian regional meteorological department Alexander Gavrilov told Itar-Tass. He noted there were no forest or other natural fires in the region at the period of time.


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