RussianDefence Plant Develops Bombs to Fight Forest Fires

BBCMonitoring International Reports, 16 January 2002
Source: ITAR-TASS News Agency, Moscow <in Russian>

16 January 2002

By Anatoly Yurkin

Moscow — Special equipment, so-called civilian aircraft bombs, to be used in combating technical and environmental disasters is being developed in Russia. 

The Federal State Unitary Enterprise the Bazalt State Research and Production Enterprise, which is working on the development of new-generation weapons, told ITAR-TASS news agency today that Russian defence engineers are the first in the world to have designed a 500-kg bomb equipped with a fire-extinguishing compound and explosive spraying system to extinguish a forest fire four to six metres high and up to 30m in diameter. 

Another Bazalt product, a large vacuum bomb, creates a foliage-free fire-protection area up to 50m in diameter. We have also found a way to deliver rescue equipment to those in distress at sea or in remote areas. We are using a special rescue package that combines the latest scientific and technological achievements, engineers said. 

Bazalt is the oldest defence enterprise in Russia and its military products are known all over the world. Its engineering and industrial potential has enabled Bazalt to start developing civilian products.


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