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Kotli forest fire intensifies

Kotli forest fire intensifies 12June 2005 publishedby www.kashar.net  KOTLI, JUNE 12 (SANA): The fire engulfing Kotli suburban forest has intensified causing loss worth millions of rupees and triggering a weave of heat in the entire area. The heat and smoke emanating from the forests fire encircling the Kotli town is causing suffocation and disquiet among […]

Fire Prevention and Suppression Reports

 Fire Prevention and Suppression Reports Standardization of The Training Materials modules About Fire Prevention Firefighting and Rescue Industrial Extension for Firefighting Equipment in South Sumatra Institutional Development for Integrated Fire Management in South Sumatra (I)-Jan_2004 Industrial Extension for Firefighting Equipment in South Sumatra (II)-May-Aug_2004 Development of an Autonomous Cadre of Trainers in Fire Management-Oct_2004 Fire […]

Indonesia Seeks Grants for Forest Rehabilitation (22 February 2000)

  Indonesia Seeks Grants for ForestRehabilitation 22 February 2000 Indonesia seeks cash bailout to save its forests (published by Planet Ark 22 February 2000) Indonesia can provide less than one-fifth of the money needed to restore its ravaged forests and is seeking foreign aid for the rest, Forestry and Plantations Minister Nur Mahmudi Isma’il said […]

Wildfire caused by WWII ammunition in Germany: 18 May 2000

Wildfire caused by exploding WWII ammunition in Germany 18 May 2000 More than 100 firemen fought yesterday for hours the biggest forest fire at “Halbe/State Brandenburg” (Dahme-Spreewald) in this year. Until the early evening the fire was not under control. Although the relieving rain and the downpours ended the dry period for the 1.1 million […]

GFMC: Information of Forest Fires and Radioactivity in Belarus, 30 May 2000

Information of Forest Fires and Radioactivity in Belarus 30 May 2000 The following report from Belarus reached the GFMC on 30 May 2000: The fire environment in Belarus is extremely complicated in the current fire season. Precipitation practically did not fall in the spring period. Accordingly, the forest fire danger class in most of regions […]

Bog Fires near Chernobyl, Belarus, 16 May 2000

Bog Fires near Chernobyl, Belarus 16 May 2000 PlanetArk posted the following report today: Belarus says no radiation threat from bog firesBELARUS: May 16, 2000 MINSK – Radiation levels in Belarus have not been affected by fires raging across peat bogs contaminated by fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster, officials in the ex-Soviet country said […]

GFMC: Forest Fires in the Russian Federation, 14 August 2000

Forest Fires in the Russian Federation 14 August 2000 Latest News on the Reorganization of the Forest and Forest Fire Service of Russia, from the Russian Environmental Digest (REDfiles by Transboundary Environmental Information Agency) REDfiles is a compilation of the week’s major English-language press on environmental issues in Russia. This news is from the REDfiles […]

Forest Fires in the Russian Federation: 28 April 2000

Forest Fires in the Russian Federation 28 April 2000 Starting with the forest fire season 2000 the GFMC will expand its services in providing remote sensing data of forest fires in the Russian Federation. First, the GFMC will continue to show the NOAA AVHRR satellite image composites s published by the Aerial Aerial Forest Fire […]

forest fire in austria

The Austrian Broadcasting Corporation(ORF) reports  on 3 April 2002 at 17:45 Source: Austrian Broadcasting Corporation – ORF, 03 April 2002  (http://kaernten.orf.at/) Several wildland fires started during the Easter weekend as a consequence of carelessness and some escaped bonfires traditionally set at Easter Saturday. The following reports (in German) are taken from the website of the Austrian […]